NY NOW 2019 WINTER is starting soon!

Our new I believe you will find the experience valuable for your future business. model will be introduced at the event. We would be honored if you could join us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact. For further details, please visit website.

The Japanese tea ceremony, you will be in an unordinary ambiance in a dim tearoom; Flowers, calligraphies, and the steam from the kettle; The sounds of pouring water and stirring tea; Colors, shape, and texture of utensils; Smell and the taste of tea. All the idle thoughts and feeling go out of your mind, and just focus on “CHA” (tea) in front of you. That is mindfulness.

Tableware is an essential element of dining.
It enhances the quality time at home by adding colors to the table and make the dishes tastier.
Even one plate has the power to change one’s feelings and a conversation develops.
Tableware, the key essence for the quality life.

“KASURI” is the most traditional style of fabric from Japan, that was registered as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1957. It uses two threads dyed in different colors, usually indigo and white, and is woven together to make beautiful Japanese patterns.
Taking a tradition of more than 200 years, It passes it down to become eco-friendly products to be beloved by generations to come.

NIPPONSAN“Made in Japan” is just one slogan associated with “Manufacturing Powerhouse, Japan” that has long received international acclaim. From historical traditional items to products developed to meet new needs and trends, Japan craftsmanship supports both tradition and innovation. NIPPONSAN will introduce original designs and products that Japan boasts to the world from the perspectives of “Made in Japan” and “Japan Quality”.
DATE:Feb 3rd- 6th